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1. I will re-ship a watch for free if the watch is seized by customs or gets lost in transit. If the watch is seized again by customs or gets lost a 2nd time , there is no refund or replacement again.

. Before you sign for your package, please check if the package contains the watches you ordered. After you sign for the package, we can't accept any responsibility for an empty package. If it is an empty package, please don't sign for it. Refuse the package and let it be returned. When you get a package with an automatic watch, you can shake it strongly, and you should be able to hear and feel that the rotor is running.

3. After payment, I need 1~3 days to get the watch. And I need 2 days to test the watch (check the appearance, inspect the watch, confirm the chronograph works, check how long it runs after about 40 manual winds, usually it should run about 36 hours. This test is very important for an automatic movement). If the watch is not good, I will need extra time to deal with it. For me, quality is the most important thing. I Hope you can understand. But I will try my best to minimize the time to ship your watch.

4. Before shipping, I will send you QC pics of the actual watch. I will not ship the watch before I get your approval. If you have any question or issue with the watch, please email me back as soon as you can. I will check on the question or issue and reply to you.